Learn How to Monitor Your Rivers, Harbors, Ship Channels and other Inland Waterways.

Even When You’re Not There.

If you’re charged with protecting our inland waterways, you have an unwieldy job.

Ensuring the safety, security, and legal activity on the waterways is no easy task. Especially because you and your people cannot be everywhere, around the clock.

A New Technology Era

New technologies have emerged that can make your job much easier. For a wide range of problems, you can now act as if you’re in multiple places at the same time. Some examples:

  • Boats operating at dangerously fast speeds
  • Boaters loitering in a channel river, or canal where they don’t belong
  • Crabbers putting their traps down at illegal times of day
  • Criminals dumping hazardous waste or trash into the water in the dark
  • Smuggling operations / ship to ship transfers