Setup and Commissioning

Setup is defined as setting the radar and user interface software to the optimum setting for a particular site of group of sites.   Setup occurs after installation and before commissioning.    If the radar systems are temporarily attached to the Internet or to a VPN or WAN that DMT has access to, then the Setup can be completed remotely from DMT’s offices in Virginia.   Setup is an extra charge that is added to installation charges.

Commissioning is the final acceptance test of the radar(s) on the site.  It is also called Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).  DMT provides SAT test plans consistent with possible intruder scenarios and then executes them successfully.  A report is provided after the SAT detailing the performance.  As with Setup, Commissioning can be conducted remotely if there are video feeds available as well.   Commissioning is an extra charge added to the Setup and installation charges.