Dams offer a unique challenge in security.   Not only is there moving water, but also changing water levels, buoy lines, and floating debris.   DMT’s Doppler radars are the best choices.   DMT recommends the following solutions:

  • For Large Dam Projects:
    • XRDS
    • Black Marlin
  • For Smaller Dams:
    • IDAR,
    • MDR, which scans the fastest.

These radar solutions coupled with thermal cameras complete the package.   These Security Bundles offer a turn-key security solution for dams.   Generally one bundle above (up river of) the dam and one below (down river of) the dam complete the package.

DMT radar with thermal camera at a spillover dam. The sensors are on installed on the tall brick building and overlooks the lake, spillway, and lower area around the dam.