Port and Harbors

Ports, harbors, dockside, or any other waterside site can benefit from DMT’s low-cost, yet extremely capable security solutions.  DMT’s security radars are designed for maritime environments.  DMT combines its unique radar technology  with proven, capable camera technology. communications, and remote monitoring software to provide a complete waterside security solution.


Waterside environments are tough for many security radar provides.   Many radar companies use Ku-Band frequencies, which is great for providing high resolution imaging.   But those frequencies have extremely poor performance in foul weather.  Fog, rain, and snow greatly reduce the range and can generate many false alarms.    X-Band radar offers great all-weather performance and is why it is used in marine navigation radars.  All DMT radar systems use this band.

Should I use a Doppler radar or not?   DMT is known for its Doppler radar solutions.  Doppler radars fire many pulses at objects for two purposes (1) to provide a higher amount of long-term power on the object (which increases ranges), and (2) it measures minute speed variations from objects.    Speed variations allow Doppler radar to differentiate real intruders from stationary objects or other moving objects.  Since Doppler radars send many pulses instead of one, it cannot rotate as fast as a non-Doppler radar systems.   However, DMT processing algorithms are fast and the radars has revisit rates of a few seconds.


Doppler radar is essential for removing clutter (water motion, blowing grasses, etc).   If your application requires both land and water like many port applications do, then Doppler radar is the choice for you.  DMT’s IDAR, Black Marlin, and XRDS are Doppler radars.   DMT’s tracking and advance algorithms give great performance for all waterside solution requirements.


DMT recommends thermal camera solutions for waterside security needs.   Thermal cameras can penetrate fog and many types of weather.  DMT does just provide the camera, it integrates the camera seamlessly with the radar.   Solid-state power and integrated cables completes the package.


DMT Radar and thermal cameras securing a major waterway.

DMT’s security bundle approach takes the guess work out of selecting the right package for you.   The IDAR or Black Marlin security bundles work best for most ports.   These solutions are priced the same.     Most ports and harbors get by with 2 or 3 of these bundles.   Larger ports may require a few more.   Need longer ranges?   Go to the XRDS security bundle.

For port security solutions, DMT software also monitors AIS (Automatic Identification System) feeds from local receivers.   This plus radar tracks gives a complete picture of the port in an instant.

Contact DMT (sales@dmtradar.com) for help in selecting the solutions for your port.