Tank Terminals

Oil terminals require sensors that work over land and water.   These facilities range in size and there is a lot activity throughout the day.   No single solution will work for all sites.   The ability to customize a security solution to meet the needs of such sites is required.

DMT recommends its IDAR or Black Marlin solutions for waterside protection.   The radar along the shoreline will sweep across the waterway and detect all intruders.  The camera slews automatically to the detected location of the intruder.

Along the land, the IDAR and Black Marlin is also recommended.   However, if there are narrow corridors for intruders to cross, then the MDR is recommended.  It has 4 discrete beams that can be directed anywhere.   The MDR can be used to create an invisible fence that will catch intruders as the break the invisible beam of energy.   The camera will be pointed automatically at any intruder detection.