DMT has a wide variety of radar products, which are sold worldwide for many applications.   The DMT Remote Client Software[1] allows the user to be able to monitor and control DMT commercial radar products.   It works with the following DMT radar products:

  • IDAR (Security)
  • XRDS (Security)
  • MDR (Security)
  • Dorado (Security and Marine)
  • Blue Marlin (Security and Marine)
  • Black Marlin (Security and Marine)
  • Spearfish

It comes standard with camera monitoring and control software.    Included are controls for many commercially available cameras and popular formats, such as Pelco-D.   Cameras that can be controlled with this include, Vumii, Pelco, Petronus Labs (Hammerhead series), FLIR, Axsys, and more.

DMT’s Remote Client Software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows operating software, including Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.   It comes as an installation executable that steps the user through installation and setup like any other common Windows software program.

The main features of the software are its PPI (Plan Position Indicator) radar display with map overlay of detections, and video windows.   Up to 24 radars can be viewed on a single map display.  Maps can be imported from Google, or Windows Live.   If no map is available, a plain black (or other color) background and a compass rose display may be selected.